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Higher Elevation Studio Memberships

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Higher Elevation Studio offers three different membership options to suit your budget and needs. The memberships allow you to book freely without the need to pay per appointment as well as offering discounts on other services offered by the studio.

We want everyone to grow together, so we’ll always offer the best services to everyone in our community. Sign up today to fully experience all of our outstanding services!

This is a deal you do not want to miss out on! It’s simply the best in Atlanta!


What Do You Get?

  • You’ll be in a dedicated space within our studio.
  • You’ll have industry professional lighting, camera, sound, and a gray backdrop.
  • You’ll get an actor as a reader and a taper who can provide feedback on your audition if requested.
  • We will edit and label your auditions which will be sent to you via WeTransfer.
  • You’ll get 10% off classes offered by Higher Elevation Studio.
  • Also, you’ll get 10% off additional services (pulling footage, demo reel editing, etc.)


  • Booking appointments are always first come, first serve.
  • You cannot mix audition appointment types in the same day at any membership level except for in-person Zoom/EcoCast Live sessions.
  • Appointments made through the membership are only valid for the person listed on the membership.
  • Time and appointments do not accumulate or roll over. If appointments are not used, you cannot use that time later. Also, if appointments are used up, you cannot borrow against time early.
  • Your membership will auto-renew each month on the date you signed up.
  • You must cancel before the date of renewal as there are no refunds. However, your membership will remain active until the renewal date even if you cancel early.
  • You can only book up to the maximum allowed minutes based on your membership level.
  • Any additional time will result in a cancellation without notice.
  • If you need more time than your membership allows, you must email us, and you will be charged at full price minus 10% for anything over your maximum.
  • Discounts for classes and/or services are for those provided by Higher Elevation Studio only. Other providers operating within Higher Elevation Studio may or may not honor a membership discount, so it is not expected.